Thursday, August 12, 2010

The shape of things to become

My new blog post at Comments invited.

My life since Confluence has been a bit hectic. They have a much better story contest theme this year than in previous years, and I got a good start on a story for it, but now it's gone silent and I'm casting about to see where it's going that I'm not seeing.

I had my interview a couple of days ago too, and a number of comments that kept me busy. My account on Twitter chose that day to explode as well, on a totally different topic. I was blocked for some reason by a man I followed, and when I mentioned it on Twitter I got some replies back about him. Early on these morphed into a discussion of religion, and I ended up getting slotted into an argument with a devout atheist, on the subject of faith v. religion, which was the subject of my blog post 'My Word.' This post is one of my most visited, second only to this one. At least, I think it's second. I don't think they have stats for individual posts.

Then of course there's my day job. Been busy these last few days putting together some new code and testing it out. Yesterday was an office picnic, food, talk, and whiffle-ball. I pulled a muscle or something running bases. Hurts just sitting here.

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DarcĂ­a said...

Life in chaos. That seems to be what we're all experiencing. All sorts of activity, even when we're sitting still! What happened to those lazy summer days that seemed to go on forever?