Wednesday, August 19, 2009

DVD catch-up

Once I finished my comedy short story, I went out and got some DVD sets I'd been wanting forever, like the second season of Pushing Daisies. Actually, that was the only set I went out and got. Such a great series, so original and unique. I'm so upset they cancelled it, and my only real hope was that they would be able to wind the show up well. The guy who made this was the same guy who made Wonderfalls, another great show that got axed far too soon. In that case they had enough time to turn the last several episodes into a mini-story-arc that wound everything up nicely. In Pushing Daisies they had more threads to work with, and not all could be closed. But they were left open well, and that was just as good. Ned's father coming back and no one knew it was better than him coming back openly.

I'm gonna have to watch the whole series front to back. Yep.

And then I was in BJs yesterday and I found a copy of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog right on the shelf. With the musical commentary. Now I gotta go out and get the words to that. I already know all the words to the show itself.

I've had a couple of ideas for the Color of Silence story, hopefully one of them will pan out. But not tomorrow. Got jury duty tomorrow.

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