Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The joy of spending money

Especially when you don't have it.

We noticed that our roof was leaking yet again around the skylights, and we found a roofer who appears to be rather more reputable than others we found. It turns out the previous losers who'd worked on it had done a number of things wrong. FYI, skylights are only supposed to have one layer of shingles near them! They are not supposed to have nails driven through the gutters! The skylights were installed by some non-professional who not only managed to put in the screens upside-down, they drilled screws through the sidewalls (don't ask me why)! So our poor roofer gives us an estimate for a minor repair that turns into a major repair when he finds that most of the wood supporting one skylight has rotted extensively and he has to do some carpentry. Oh, and let's not forget all the rain we've been getting, so he peeled off the shingles one day and had to wait three days to actually finish the job.

Tonight we just got back from spending more money at P.C. Richards. Our refrigerator has been raining inside for a while so we decided not to wait until the height of summer to replace it. But, to add to our joy, we just found that the unit we wanted and bought is too high, so we either have to change the order to an inferior model or trim the cabinet to gain an extra inch!

Eventually I have to get work done on my car...

On the other hand, I got some words down in one of my current stories. Yay, me. I have a short story that will be coming out--eventually--and I'm working on a sequel, called 'The Inevitable Sequel'. You may have guessed, it's a comedy. At least it's supposed to be. My editor thinks it's funny anyway. I must have 5 stories in various stages of completion, one of them has to get some progress.

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