Saturday, May 02, 2009


All right!
In some bizarre, flukish way, the turmoil in the economy and the subsequent turmoil in the book industry has resulted in my books, Unbinding the Stone and A Warrior Made, being made available through Ingrams, where they had not been before. This is great news.
Now I have to figure out ways to get people to actually go into a bookstore or a bookstore website and buy them. Where's a brainstorm when I need one?

Must be something about today. I've also been getting some writing done, adding another page to the third Tarkas novel. As usual, the style differs from all the other books I've ever written. I have this rule, "If I've seen it done before, don't do it again", that I apply to all my writing. It means that my books are as original as I can make them. It also means that my writing style changes from one book to the next. This book, tentatively titled Tales of Uncle, is going to be in large part a series of stories told about Tarkas' adventures, to many of the people of Querdishan, where Tarkas and his nephew the storyteller live. Of course, it's not just a series of stories, they all fit in to a larger story that makes up the book, with the last half being a real-time adventure that propels the series into book four where things start to get wierd.

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